She Ra: Stripper of Power!

For the Honor of Greyskull!

For feisty femmes of a certain age, She-Ra: Princess of Power was a breath of fresh, ass-kicking air back when it first roundhouse-kicked its way onto the screen in the 80’s.  Now those same feisty femmes are all-grown up, and ready to celebrate in the best way possible:  With stripping!  She-Ra: Stripper of Power! is an original burlesque play inspired by the Filmation cartoon and co-produced by Olatsa Assassin and Scarlett O’Hairdye in association with Theatre Off Jackson.  Magical powers!  Daring deeds!  Awesome ladies fighting the good fight in costumes entirely designed around a single theme!  Join us at Theatre Off Jackson for all this, plus unexpected romantic entanglements, ridiculous dance numbers, and striptease!

Come see the show described by audiences as, “It was like nothing but smiles for two hours,” “So amazing!” and “THE GAYEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN. THE. GAYEST. EVER.”  She-Ra: Stripper of Power! will high-kick you right in the heart!

Starring Evilyn Sin Claire as the Evil HORDAK!

Featuring acting and burlesque performances from Al Lykya, Ruby Darling, Alexa Perplexa, Onyx Asili, Miz Melancholy, Tout d’Lou, Redd Kryptonite, Maggie McMuffin, Scarlett O’Hairdye, Kiki Mustang, and Olatsa Assassin.

“It was like nothing but smiles for two hours”

“So amazing!”


Date/Time: 7:30PM

Price Info: $20-$30

Notes: This performance is presented with closed captions. The venue is not scent-free.

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