Thank you for your interest in co-producing at Theatre Off Jackson.

The submission deadline for the most recent round of proposals was January 20th, 2018. Stay tuned for our next request for proposals.

CAREFULLY read the below info and then use the link at the bottom of the page to get started.

Supporting Documents

Please view the following documents and read the info on this page before submitting your proposal.

Co-Producer FAQ
Co-Producer Field Guide
Rate Sheet

Why Produce at TOJ?

Theatre Off Jackson exists to provide an affordable performance venue for small arts groups and independent artists. Instead of simply renting out our space, we offer a different kind of production model —  a partnership model — in which our co-producers bring strong creative ideas and a capable production team and TOJ supplies a well-equipped, “artist-ready” space for performances and rehearsals. This includes box office and concessions staff, access to technical support, and marketing resources on our website, mailing list, and local advertising. We call this our Co-Production model.

What makes a good Co-Producer?

  • Someone with experience self-producing.
  • Someone who understands how to manage a production process and team.
  • Someone who is a good communicator.

TOJ chooses its Co-Producers through an open and competitive application process that happens several times a year. Interested artists submit their ideas and plans to a curatorial committee made up of TOJ board members, past Co-Producers, and independent artists from the community. The committee reviews and evaluates the proposals in order to make recommendations to TOJ’s Executive Director on which projects to pursue.

What makes a good proposal?

  • The curatorial committee includes a multitude of viewpoints and tastes, so we are never looking for just one thing. We aim to support artists of many genres, especially those that speak to the inclusiveness and collaborative nature of performance. The main question we ask is: Would I want to see this?
  • Alignment with our core values and goals, which include (but are not limited to) supporting Asian American artists/themes, as well as supporting the stories and the work of females, LGBT persons, and all people of color.
  • Capacity to produce your show – can you put together a budget, raise the funds needed, coordinate your own marketing efforts, and deliver a great show?

The Nitty Gritty: $

TOJ’s Co-Production model works on a 20%/80% split – TOJ keeps 20% of the box office receipts for each performance, and 80% is paid out to our Co-Producers, with a $250 guaranteed nightly minimum. Most Co-Producers who work with us find that this financial arrangement allows them to cover all their production costs easily, and often bring home a little profit.

Co-productions have priority on space at TOJ. If there are any slots in our season still open after the co-productions are chosen, TOJ may choose to make the space available for rent for those dates (but rentals are also vetted for alignment with our mission).